Wednesday, 4 February 2015


If a woman is pregnant or just thinking of having a baby, she may have a number of things on her mind. While thoughts of a blanket wrapped newborn might float around in her head, she is probably looking at other issues like bottle or breastfeeding, what sort of maternity wear to buy, and what names she might select for her bouncing bundle of joy. Once she has visited her OBGYN for her prenatal appointments schedule or simply to plan getting pregnant, her doctor has probably prescribed prenatal vitamins.

Vitamins are by no means necessary for the health of a newborn, but they can be an excellent safety measure to ensure that a woman’s body is getting all the nutrients she needs during this critically important time. If she is extremely health conscious and consumes the right foods, chances are that her body is getting the nutrients it warrants.

Yet, during pregnancy many women experience nausea and morning sickness or may find they have cravings for a variety of foods that may not be the wisest of choices. Therefore prenatal vitamins can fill in the gaps, making sure the baby gets all the vitamins he or she needs to grow and thrive.

Significant among the benefits of a prenatal vitamin is the fact that it ensures a woman’s body gets an adequate amount of iron. Studies have shown that most women don’t consume enough iron during their pregnancies. Iron deficiency can result in anemia, a condition that can easily be avoided by taking good prenatal vitamins.

Equally important among the component of prenatal vitamins is folic acid. Essential in pregnancy, folic acid has been seen to reduce the risk of birth defects. Fact, many doctors recommend that women who are attempting to conceive start by taking a folic acid supplement and/or boosting their folic acid consumption at least a month before doing the baby nookie.

Yes, prenatal vitamins are not a necessity, yet they certainly contain many benefits. Just one dose a day, you can rest certain that your bundle of joy is receiving all the nutrients he, she or they need, keeping his/her or their development and growth right on schedule, so you increase your chances of having a healthy youngster.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Vitamins…Vitamins…and more Vitamins

Have you ever had doubts as to the positive effects that calcium supplements can have on our health? Well many people choose not to believe this fact, but it can be beneficial to all of us. The calcium supplements do not only help in giving strong teeth and bones.

You may have heard of coral calcium? I did not, but apparently it can help a great deal in preventing many diseases like osteoporosis. Certainly we must be careful not to exceed the recommended dosages as too much of anything can be very dreadful. That is the main thing when taking supplements, be certain to take the recommended dosage. Enough said! 

You will be afforded many different choices when you take calcium supplements. Long ago there were a minimum of choices, and we never had the luxury of all of the different brands. Supplements now come in sachets, powder, and liquid aside from the traditional capsules and pills. This fact can cater to those who have their particular preferences, so there’s no excuse here! There is a supplement vehicle for all.

Granted, you will get more of the benefits if you consume your supplements in liquid form, like all  other supplements. Spare a thought about that before you decide what form of the supplement to get. Ultimately, powders, sachets of tea and capsules are more convenient in our daily lives to take. You can still get some of the benefits the coral calcium supplement either way. Therefore if you have the time and want to take the liquid form go ahead; it would be even better for you.

It’s great that scientist and manufacturers have come up with better ways for us to keep healthy and making certain we get the right nutrients that we need. Please take advantage of this, it can improve your health and prevent diseases at the same time. There's nothing so bad about that, is there?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Green Tea, The Power Drink of Nature

Within recent times Catechins rich Green Tea has become the health rage.
The best variety is said to be found in tea farms in China, mainly those guarded from pesticides. It is emphasized that to drink pure green tea without man-made or other artificial flavors is our best bet to reap great rewards. 

Teas have been found to have immense effect on the amount of cholesterol in our blood stream and on our health in general. Experts claim that Green tea may also help in battling cancer. The Japanese, it was discovered supported the concept of drinking 10 or more cups of green tea a day so as to delay the onset of cancer by some nine years among women and about three years in men.

I have found that good green tea is the high-grade tea sold at Japanese Online Tea shops. These are great tasting teas and contain large amounts of polyphenols and flavoniods (catechins which are also immune system boosters), and natural vitamins and minerals. Catechins are free radical destroyers. Green tea is found to contain carotenoids, chlorophyll, polysaccharides natural vitamins C and E, manganese, potassium, and zinc, all essential "bad boys" to help in fending off ill health.

Pure green tea is said to be 100 times more effective than vitamin C from other sources, and 25 times better than vitamin E from other sources.

You may find green tea is often mixed with other medicinal herbs in leading drug stores, and you may seldom find pure green tea sold alone. Green tea is mainly sold in tea bags, but modern manufacturing has made possible to liquefy it in bottles, and also in powdered form in sachet packages, preserving its health and healing benefits.

Green tea and all natural food supplements contain micro-nutrients that feed our immune system and strengthen our body cells.
When our immune system becomes stronger, tissue and cell repair becomes enhanced in a way that the body maintains the ability to heal itself; therefore, ailments and even critical diseases are healed. It is not the food supplement doing the healing, but the empowered immune human system.

A monk from Japan, noted in 1211 AD that (green) tea is a miraculous medicine for the maintenance of health. He remarked, “Tea has the extraordinary power to prolong life. Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow.” 

The Japanese monk further recorded that tea in general was an elixir that created the “immortal” mountain dwellers. 

European explorers of the 16th century discovered that tea, especially green tea, was used to treat fever, headache, joint pains, and stomachaches and some other health ailments.

Modern nutritionists and herbal medicine experts, claim that  Green tea can help prevent high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart ailments, skin diseases, and lung ailments. It actually delays the aging process. It eliminates distress by refreshing your mind and body with antioxidants. Now that is quite a bang for your health buck coming from Green tea.

Can an Intake of Vitamins Aid Workers in Taking Their Health Seriously?

It has for some time being established that Vitamins can help workers who have to be well-prepared to face the workday and the grinding pressures it generally brings to bear. One can find a huge assortment of vitamins that can ward off sicknesses. The E Vitamin comes to mind, since it enhances the overall bodily health as well as cardio and immune functions. Vitamin C promotes immunity and good health.

All essential vitamins contain calcium for a worker's muscles and bone health. Magnesium is power-packed for healthy nerves and our heart, while zinc boosts collectively the prostate, immune and cardiovascular systems.

Daily commuters can create a recipe that includes, herbs that contain medicinal benefits. These should form a battle plan in a commuter’s arsenal to fight against physical illness and complex free radicals. Garlic, a most popular herb is one which supplies cholesterol, cardiovascular and blood pressure support an as such cannot be left out.

Ginseng is critical for the commuter because it offers energy and promotes stamina. Gingko biloba gives assurance in enhancing brain and memory function as well as offering support in the blood circulation to various body parts including the brain. Gingko biloba is wonderful in helping to enhance a worker’s production at jobsites.

It matters not if you work close to home or commute long distances each and every day, you can initiate your own plans for a rich and healthy diet. Always try to consult your family doctor prior to taking any type of vitamins. A physician might be able to recommend a vitamins that will be agreeable with your body. Never choose to neglect exercising daily. Workers decide not to exercise because they may not have the time it takes for any such activity. Grabbing 15-20 minutes per day, approximately, to begin and then gradually increase it to 45 minutes to an hour per day is not going to take you away from the new flat screen TV. In any case, Smart TV's feature many keep-fit channels. or you could do like me and add a Roku Stick or Box.

These days commuters have little time to buy into power breakfast bars, or lunches. I would recommend for the rushed worker a  proper breakfast and a multivitamin of his or her choice, allowing for doctor's consultation of course.

Workers whom have not given up on exercise, eat breakfast and take multivitamins, will be far more productive than workers who don’t. Healthy commuters mix exercise with healthy eating, lots of rest and consistent vitamin intake.

Those who don’t have the necessary vitamin intake are quite often irritable and tired throughout the workday. Before taking any vitamin supplements be sure that you speak with your doctor first. Many workers are taking their health into their own hands by just buying stuff off the shelves.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Are We Evaluating our Supplements

In a perfect world, neither adults nor children would shy away from a perfectly balanced diet and adults would have the time to drum up that menu for themselves and the kids to whom they are parents. Regrettably, we live in the real world and perfection is still a distant fantasy.

Now how about those Supplements we need? The accepted alternative to a perfect diet is a regular regimen of vitamin supplements.

 Now don't go grabbing up the latest, sexist, most expensive or low-cost vitamins you can find, take a moment to evaluate what it is that you hope to accomplish. Begin by carefully evaluating your normal daily food intake. 

Tally amount of the foods you consume over a period of a couple of days. You may discover that you’re getting the right amounts of most supplements simply through your normal diet. Just a less-than-healthy diet overall may be offset by certain regimen – drinking large quantities of Vitamin D fortified milk, for example. If you simply drink at least two cups of milk each day, you’re most likely getting the Vitamin D recommended for a normal, healthy grownup. 

But what if you find that you really aren’t getting the vitamins you desire? Then it’s time to intake a vitamin supplement, but you need to be intelligent about this. For most kids and adults who aren’t getting the recommended daily doses of vitamins, a very general vitamin will very likely be your best bet.

There are tons of options in the Supplement world and it really becomes a matter of personal choice. If the children like some particular vitamin more than others, that brand is likely to be fine. Make sure that it provides recommended daily allowances of the major vitamins needed by the young ones. 

The same applies to adults, regardless of the claims of the manufacturer that grabs the attention and creates sensations rather than the fact that the vitamins are the look-alike of a cartoon character.

Do not fall for outlandish claims of any vitamin brands and their manufacturers and advertising agencies. I should know, I worked as a graphic designer with several Ad Agencies and did a fair share of copy writing myself and saw some dubious stuff written by account guys and specialist copywriters.

There’s no doubt that having required vitamin intakes each day will make you feel better, but there’s also no truth that vitamins are going to turn back father time, give you the vitality of a two year old and make all your aches and pains vanish.

Get smart about vitamins. Examine the back of your bottles to find out what vitamins are really packed into those little pills. You may be surprised to find the ingredients of the low-cost store brands and those grandly expensive vitamins are quite the same.